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A businessman goes on a flight and is surprised to see an eight-year-old girl with no chaperone. He was admiring her mature, calm behaviour throughout the long hours of the flight. At some point, she came out of the bag and painted a picture and drew it to her. That’s how the road lasted. At some point, suddenly there were “airbags” and the captain announced that we must sit and fasten seatbelts. For more than half an hour, air turbulence, the plane “falls” and bobs, people shouted and cried, some prayed, and even the businessman sat trembling with fear, holding the seat handles and praying that the nightmare would end. Suddenly he noticed that the little girl–still sitting quietly in her place. The painting booklet placed in the pocket of the seat, she sat comfortably and did not seem anxious. When everything calmed down, he could not flatter his young neighbor: “You are a hero!” How could you keep cool and calm? Especially when you’re here alone! “The girl smiled timidly and answered:” The pilot is my father, he is the best pilot in the world and he takes me home. ” When a little child knows he’s in daddy’s hands, he feels safe… When a Jew remembers who carries him on his lips, is there still room for concern? Sit back, and let Daddy fly the plane that takes you on your journey of life… With him…

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Dental Implants

Dental implants, as they do, are transplants. And like any transplant that the human body undergoes, there is always a chance of rejecting the implant.

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One of the things that most people fear is the toothache, to toothache many and varied reasons, and it is important to know that not

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There are currently countless treatments in the field of alternative medicine. With respect to conventional medicine today, and for advanced innovations and studies, many people

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Most people suffer from a headache at a point at some point in their lives. Estimates are that up to a fifth of the western

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