Fight for your truth.

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During World War II, when the Nazis invaded France and their control was full, every Jewish man or woman who was found in the streets of France, not as part of a legacy work by the Nazis was a dino–to be sent to death trains to one of the extermination camps.

One of the largest in Paris has accepted the government's approval to employ Jewish women, and so many women have found refuge from the German nobles. One of those women was the rabbinic rabbinical of Tayman, who married Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Steinman זצ"ל.

The director of the workshop was announced by the chief executive for instructions on the job – "work throughout the week, including the Sabbath day."

The foreman noticed that there was unrest between Jewish women, and after a brief inquiry it turned out that women refuse to work on Shabbat.

At once the director declared a strong voice: "A woman who is not interested in working on Shabbat, who will now be set up with her own hand, will leave the factory and look herself out of work!"

The Jewish women who knew the meaning of leaving work as a suicide act. It is natural that the prosecution should remain silent and return to work, but to the surprise of all, one girl did not come to her work, but held a suitcase and walked confidently toward the exit.

"Where are you headed, and why?" asked the director.
"I don't want to desecrate the Sabbath, and therefore I leave this place of work!" replied the girl.

The Gentile director, who was excited by the courage of the girl, could not conceal his excitement and turned towards the workers: "You will all feel the work on Saturday, except for this girl, who has proved her adherence to her courage with incredible bravery." I release her from every job on Saturday! (' In Grass ')

A lot of inciters have a man, a lot of factors that he can keep walking on his way.
There are long ways in your life's journey, there are short and temporary ways, in every way you choose to March sometimes there are difficulties and obstacles, inciters and mines, don't get discouraged, keep walking, continue with your truth, because only when you go in your truly way can reach the goal, your truth will win, not the ability, not your strength But your will to adhere to your truth.

Even in the path of the king, the kings of the world have many falls and obstacles, despair infiltrates repeated offenses, the head loses its direction and the heart is no longer enthusiastic, but always remember not to lose the way, not to change direction, get up and continue, walk back, but two forward, go with the truth. , With all the difficulty and the desire to escape, for truth is truth, and everything else is imaginary.

Get stronger, pull the plugs, clear your head, put some enthusiasm in your heart, and continue on the path of the king, sometimes difficult and painful, but it is the right way, only from there you will reach your destination…

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