Kurd meets his Kurdish friend

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Kurd meets his Kurdish friend at exit from the Ministry of the Interior. Hugging and kissing one asks the other, what do you do in life?

The friend answers him a photographer.

And Allah says, the boyfriend?

I just need eight passport photos for a passport…

So the boyfriend says to him, yes but my camera is filming the whole body but you know what? Dig a hole to the neck, I'm going to get the camera from the house 🤔

After an hour comes back see his friend who dug out in the meantime 8 holes tells him to jerk why 8 holes?

I told you, I need eight pictures! 😳

So the photographer says to him: You didn't have to, Litbel, I brought eight cameras… 🤦🏽 ♂ 😂😂😂

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