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One of the things that most people fear is the toothache, to toothache many and varied reasons, and it is important to know that not every toothache ends in dental care, sometimes passes from itself after tax days. It is clear that pain is a positive indicator that signals us that we should treat the cause and treat it in order not to worsen the problem. How do we know whether it is a transient pain or a kind of pain that requires examination and treatment, the following is a tax of the types of pain that can give initial information for direction, and it is clear that it is better to get more accurate diagnosis than a dentist.

Single pain in the cold or eating a sweet tooth

The pain stems from the exposure of the tooth that is caused by a broken collarbone, a blockage or a decay. The treatment is simple and quick including blockage. You must perform the treatment quickly in order not to reach the root inflammation and then the tip will need a root treatment.

Pain is sharp to the cold in several teeth:

The doctor stems from the teeth with a gum withdrawal, or during sinusitis-we will not perform treatment when the disease is gone, the pains and sensitivities are eliminated. In case of periodontal withdrawal, we will treat if the pain is not tolerated only by closing cracks with white fillings and-or covering of an implant.

Strong pain regardless of drinking or eating

Such a deep hole in the tooth or deep blockage which is irritation to the teeth, requires root treatment. The dull pain also comes back in the morning, indicating the inflammation of the tooth with the need for root treatment. Strong pain with pressure in the gums after eating when there is a gap between the food and the meal is compressed and creates an inflammation, the space must be closed by a blockage or crown. There are sharp pain while eating when there is a crack in the tooth that feels powerful pain while the food is being eaten and the treatment is determined depending on the depth of the crack: restoration, crown or root treatment. First aid for toothache: painkillers (sometimes not to help in a situation in which a root treatment is needed) the laying of clove oil or minced cloves on the place has a cotton-dipped dip in the mouthwash (Korsudil, thromdent, Listerine etc…)

Periodontal pain

There appears pain and bleeding and a feeling of the loss of stability of the teeth in the mouth. In this situation, it is advisable to diagnose, treat a dental hygienist, and sometimes even to a periodontal disease specialist.

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