General strike on the farm next Wednesday?

On the backdrop of the safety crisis in general and in the construction industry in particular.

The complete list of working places to be included?
Urban and environmental unions.
Organization of the religious Councils and the religious councils.
Planning and Building committees.
Chief officer on the payroll at the Ministry of Finance.
Chief Supervisor of Labor Relations at the Ministry of Labor, Social welfare and social services.
Israel Firefighting and rescue authority.
Municipal companies.
The Knesset of Israel.
Center of Regional Councils and regional councils.
Local Government Center and local authorities.
Commissioner of the State service.
The Haifa Municipality.
The Jerusalem Municipality.
Tel Aviv municipality.
Water corporations near the local authorities.

Government ministries and government authorities will be convinced:

Egged's shuttle.
Ben Gurion University.
Bar Ilan University.
University of Haifa.
Tel Aviv University.
IDF workers ' civilians.
Systems Association (Corporate Bank Computing Company)
Excellence Nessuah.
In Geneva.
Flash online.
Bezeq International.
Bezeq Israeli Communications Company Ltd.
Ichilov Hospital.
Bnei Zion Hospital.
Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.
Carmel Hospital.
Bank Otsar Hayal.
Union Bank.
Discount Bank for mortgages.
Israel Discount Bank.
Bank Hapoalim.
Bank Yahav.
The Bank of Jerusalem.
The Bank of Israel.
Bank Leumi to Israel.
Bank Mizrahi.
Bank Massad.
Mercantile Bank.
The brink of the…
Government hospitals.
Shaarei Tzedek Hospitals, Jerusalem.
Cellular Dynamics.
Fuel-Pi Glilot.
Fuel that is transporting.
Dan Beer Sheva.
Dan's in the south.
Dan's in the north.
The Society for the sake of the soldier.
The Hebrew University.
The Open University.
The General Guardian.
The Securities Exchange.
Pujiang International Bank
Hot Mobile.
National Coal Supply Company.
The company for local government automation.
The company for environmental Quality at Ramat Hovav.
The company for the development of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem.
The educational TV.
Central Bureau of Statistics.
The Institute for Safety and Hygiene.
National Insurance Institute.
The institutions of higher education (the ML).
The Board of gambling in sports.
The Council for the production and marketing of vegetables.
The Council for the production and marketing of ornamental plants.
The Council for the branch is included.
ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering.
Netanya Academic College.
The mashcom.
The Ministry of Internal Security.
Ministry of Environmental Protection (including the green Police)
The Ministry of Strategic and Public affairs.
Jerusalem and Moreshet affairs Ministry.
The Intelligence Bureau.
Ministry for the development of the periphery, the Negev and the Galilee.
Social equality office.
Social equality office.
The Ministry of Religious services (including the Chief Rabbinate).
The Ministry of Regional Cooperation.
The Jewish Agency.
Jerusalem light Rail.
National Road Safety Authority.
The second authority for radio and television.
The authority for Technological innovation (Matimo).
The Securities Authority.
Israel Aerospace Industries.
Israel Military Industries.
Ganei Yehoshua Company.
The postal company.
The first rule company.
Israel Electric Company.
Israel Ports Company, Haifa Port Company, Ashdod Port Company, Eilat Port Company, Hadera Port,
Ayalon Highways Company.
The Israel Netivei (VAT) company.
Exploration of the seas and lakes.
This is the Public Broadcasting Corporation.
General Medical Engineering.
Leumi card.
The Bar Association.
From Benir.
Migdal Insurance Company.
Magen David Adom-Israel (d).
Eretz Israel Museum-Tel Aviv.
Beit Hatfutsot Museum.
The Israel Museum.
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Agricultural and phenomemeeducational institutions.
A. Mizrahi-Bank computing company.
Metropolitan Area.
Mapping Israel.
The Geophysical Institute.
The Israel Standards Institute.
Wingate Institute.
Weizmann Institute of Science.
Holon Institute of Technology.
Levinsky College of Education.
Seminar Hakibbutzim College.
Lamp safe.
The PAIS enterprise.
Ministry of Finance (including the general computer, government printer, capital Market Authority).
The Ministry of Defense (including the Ministry of Defense units).
Ministry of Construction and housing.
The Ministry of Health.
The Foreign Ministry.
The Ministry of Education (including the Director of Educational education).
The Ministry of Agriculture and the development of the village (including, the crack unit and the Palestinian Authority for the Bedouin settlement in the Negev).
Ministry of Economics and Industry (including the Antitrust Authority)
Ministry of Science, Technology and space.
The Ministry of Justice (including the Enforcement and Collection authority, the management of the courts, the taboo and the rabbinical courts).
Ministry of Labor, Social welfare and social services.
Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.
The Ministry of the Interior.
Ministry of Transport and Safety on the road.
The Ministry of Tourism.
The Ministry of Diaspora.
The Ministry of Communications.
Ministry of Culture and Sport.
Ministry of National Infrastructures, energy and water.
State Comptroller's Office.
Prime Minister's office (including the National Security Council)
Israel shipyards Port.
We're going to be a loser.
The natural gas routes to Israel.
Cellcom Netvision.
Sprint Motors.
Colleagues-the veteran pension funds.
Ashkelon Industries Ltd.
According. Accelerator. Ever.
Cellphone communication.
Unified Cofach.
The SG.
Keren Hayesod.
Keren rehabilitation factories.
Keren exists Yisrael.
Israel Railways.
Population authority, immigration and border crossings.
Government companies authority and government companies.
Israel Water Authority.
Israel tax authority (including income tax and real estate taxation, customs and VAT).
The Antiquities Authority.
Israel Land Authority.
The Israel Airports Authority.
Nature reserves and National Parks Authority.
ORT network.
Amal Network.
S. L. E.
The employment service.
Clalit Health services.
Shlomo Insurance Company.

Employers organized in the individual sector?
Through the organizations that are members of the business organizations who will be convinced:
Israel Bank Association.
Organization of the cleaning companies in Israel.
Israel National Trade Association.
National Organization for the preservation factories in Israel.
The Israel Builders Association.
Association of Peasants in Israel.
Israel Trade and Crafts Association.
The Israel Hotels Association.
Israel Traders Association.
Manufacturers Association of Israel.
Israeli Life Insurance Companies Association Ltd.
Israeli Film industry Association.
Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association Ltd.
Israel Independent organization Bureau.
Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce and the Center-association for the Chambers of Commerce.

A runner in the Vatzp

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