What is acupuncture and how is it done?

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Acupuncture begins with the patient's arrival to the practitioner with his complaints when the patients ' most arrive after a long period of time and after trying all the possible options (and it's a shame that it's worth coming early for not having to suffer). The acupuncture itself is carried out by selecting points in which flows of energy (meridians) are connected to the patient's complaints or those that help calm him mentally. There are cases in which the pains come from mental congestion, and it is possible to see improvement within minutes of the patient's arrival to the practitioner, and the treatment itself is sometimes performed with soothing music in the background to complete the experience. This is a medical treatment for everything and its name – acupuncture, and it is so popular today so that the patients know the treatment and offer it to their own health, although as we have mentioned, there is still no scientific evidence to the effectiveness of the treatment.

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