Acupuncture Treatment for children

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Before the treatment is done, diagnosis is performed.

Diagnosis to adjust acupuncture treatments for children is done by a comprehensive polling on the child’s health condition, chronic illnesses, sensitivities, and more.

Use the tongue to diagnose before acupuncture

The appearance of the tongue reveals a lot about the state of health and the places to be treated. Another test is a special pulse test. Acupuncture for children, such as other types of treatments, is called complementary medicine.

Acupuncture in Complementary medicine

The name of alternative medicine is being pushed out of an understanding that acupuncture for children should not be in place of other treatment, but as an additional auxiliary force, and therefore the acupuncture therapist for children is definitely assisted by the diagnosis and results of tests performed as blood tests, photographs and summaries of the children’s doctor. Therefore, the first meeting is important to bring test results that can help diagnose.

Learn more about acupuncture for children

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