Common Questions about White teeth

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Can teeth whitening cause teeth damage?

In adults, teeth whitening does not cause teeth damage, the active material penetrates to the tooth layer and the organic dyes that exist in it. The children whose teeth have not yet completed their development, and thus there is a danger of penetrating the material into deep layers and causing damage, and therefore do not make teeth whitening in children under the age of 18.


What is the best way to build teeth? 

There are two methods for teeth whitening, teeth whitening in a dentist or home whitening with splints, two equally good, but the white in the hip is quicker.

How long is it necessary to make teeth whitening? 

It is necessary to maintain the whitening, average every year and independently at home for a few days with the splints you received, the material can be purchased at the clinic. Maintenance time depends on the diet (quantity of foods with their dyes), smoking habits and coffee drinking.

Important to me before 

1-for pregnant women or breastfeeding women, it is advisable to wait until the end of the pregnancy and nursing period prior to her birth.
2-stains resulting from cavities do not go down! The patient must end all treatments in the mouth first to the beginning of the whitening.
3-Crowns do not change their color during the restoration of a partial mouth to be performed a few weeks before the restoration is completed.
4. The final brightness is determined after a week from the end of the whitening, there is always a slight withdrawal in clarity that is immediately received at the end of the whitening.
5-teeth that show a significant and pathological appearance will be very large but still maintain the character of the stains, in which case the teeth should be seen in porcelain veneers for a perfect look.

The professional information was received from Dr. Eitan Orel-A dental specialist for oral rehabilitation in Jerusalem

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