Sharing a story that I heard

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Mom and her daughter got into a little shop in the city of "everything in the balance" the mother told the girl she was allowed.
Choose only one prize. The girl hangs out at the store
Nothing interests her until she encounters
In a pearl chain that is placed next to the seller.
The girl approached her mother and asked for it.
The mother asks the child to choose another item that the choice of the chain is not as it is.
And compared to the other products, it's a little more expensive (two and a half shekels)
But the child insists and assures her mother that she will be a good girl, and at last the mother is persuaded.
The girl is happy, you are attached to the chain and hanging with her from morning to night.
One day the girl's father reads her story before bedtime and before he comes out he tells her
"My Child Do you love Me?"
So the girl tells him that she loves him very much.
So the father says to her, "then why don't you bring Me your pearl necklace?"
The girl looks at him a little overwhelmed and offers him her new home-house doll instead.
The father answers her back that he doesn't need a Barbie doll but it's okay if she doesn't want to give it to him, she doesn't have to.
After a week, the father read to the girl a story again and finally asked her.
"My Child Do you love Me?"
The girl answers that he's probably
Then the father asks her to give him her necklace of pearls.
The girl again looks at him and offers his pony doll instead.
The father answers her back that he has no need for a pony horse.
But it's okay if she doesn't want it okay.
Two days later, the girl approached her father and asked him to hold out his hand, and she put the pearl net in his hand and told him
"Take a father." I love you.
The father puts the chain in his pocket, and instead brings out the other fancy jewelry box.
Opens it to his daughter and inside there is a real pearl necklace!!
The girl is surprised and happy thanks to her father and then he tells her
"I see my daughter if Dad wants to take something from you that's just because he has something better to give you."
Dad would never take anything from you if he didn't have anything better to give you.

And this is my friends. The story of Our Lives
It means about any matter in life.
If it's a work, a relationship, a livelihood, etc.
If you were fired from work or if you broke up with the spouse or vice versa then try not to feel bad about yourself. It just means that the creator of the world wants to give you a better gift. Because you deserve it.
So don't be discouraged just look at things the right way.

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