Life in the sea enters the space of the house

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The fish living in the sea require saline water to make it necessary to build for them a salty water aquarium and just so in fact experience the seabed which is lush with unique and spectacular creatures that can not be seen in any aquarium.

In the construction of a salty water aquarium we create a biological system that mimics nature and its exact terms. In order to imitate this system it takes a lot of knowledge and a lot of patience. Here we'll review the emphasis on the growth of saltwater aquarium, the equipment needed for salted water aquarium and what is the difference between Marina Aquarium and Reef Aquarium.

Saltwater Aquarium

There are two kinds of salty water aquarium

Marina – an aquarium containing only natural stones, fish, invertebrates, but without corals and anemone.

Reef – an aquarium containing natural stones, fish, invertebrates and including corals, anemone, etc.

Note that in order to bring the sea into the house, a variety of things are needed. 

Fork proteins – maintains salinity in the water and separates fats from the water in the aquarium
Samp – A collection of sections through which water is passed and infiltrators
Wave pump – To create waves in water that simulates the waves in the sea and insert oxygen into the system
Lighting – The aquarium lighting (lighting must be adjusted by the size and height of the aquarium)
UV Bulb – shot to destroy parasites in water
Uploading pump – Its role to raise water filtered from the tank that is located under the aquarium to the aquarium back.
Osmosis system-first sanme of tap water
Indonesian rocks – decoration, substrate for coral, provide positive bacteria
Aquarium Additives – Using the kind of animals you choose to raise
Cooling – to maintain suitable temperature for living creatures
Compensation/evaporation system – filling water with water and preserving values

To summarize

Saltwater Aquarium is a multi-service but provides a great and satisfying beauty house. There is no need to flinch from the establishment of a salty water aquarium but it is necessary to take into account that the saltwater aquarium requires construction and close accompaniment of the Mtmcata man building aquariums.

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