Regular teeth in one day

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Regular teeth one day fixed teeth in one day sound like a distant dream? The dental Center will be happy to fulfill it for you! The clinic staff will be happy to give you a computer transplant design and plan your dental transplant treatment in just one day – how it happens and what is important to check? Let's find out!

What is a fixed dental implant in one day?

In the past (not far at all…) Treatment for dental transplantation was long and unpleasant. The whole procedure was cumbersome, caused great suffering to the patient and many times – the final results did not match the shiny dream to new teeth. Today, thanks to advanced technology, a new method of dental transplant has been created – regular teeth in one day only. The fast procedure allows every patient to enjoy a new, orderly and clean dental system, without the foreign feeling accompanying the use of dentures. However, it is important to emphasize, speed does not come at the expense of quality. Regular dental implants in one day are done with full attention, maximum adjustment and maximum accuracy, while designing computer transplants and perfect results, no less. How does it work? The initial stage of the treatment is the examination of the dentist in Jerusalem, which examines the bone condition and verifies the implantation feasibility. There are cases in which, for example, a large sinus and bone that absorbs the implant too thin and therefore the transplant will not be ideal, and therefore requires a preliminary treatment that aims to thicken the bone so that the artificial tooth is absorbed in the best and safest way.

A dental lab that works for you.

Dental Implants in Jerusalem, whether it is a treatment that is conducted in one day or with ongoing treatment, requires great skill and expertise. This requires special precision and profound knowledge of the field, and therefore do not be tempted by any less than the best. If you want to enjoy regular dental care in one day and you live in Jerusalem – The Center for Dental Health, a dentist in Jerusalem, is here for you with the most expert dentists in Israel. It is important to check recommendations about the clinic where you are willing to do the treatment, which will carefully check the nature of the treatment and by doing so you'll get as many as you can – a few hours later, you'll be the best and perfect new teeth – in one day!  

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