How to maximum use of vehicle space

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As professionals if you do not possess a large commercial vehicle because the eyebrows are in the way you need to put a lot of tools and work equipment in your car.

  • As usual, the work equipment is dispersed in the vehicle space and you are having trouble finding the equipment exactly at the required time.
  • It is difficult for you to use the same vehicle for work and family.
  • You don't feel safe on the road.

The patron of the matter is what the car is called by the world of professional packaging. 

Even if you have a small work car (eg Citroen Jammpy, Toyota Proace, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit, Renault Trapik, Hyundai I800 and more) you can turn it into a mobile laboratory.

And maximize your vehicle's space, thereby streamlining your work, and your time, and most importantly – to ensure family safety at the time of travel.

What is a car enclosure?

Your vehicle needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Seat line-in medium commercial vehicles there are two options in the seating line area: One row of seats for passengers or the total absence of a seat line.

  • Trunk – In a medium-sized trunk in the cargo compartment is open, relatively high and usually allows people to enter back into the trunk.

For example: Citroen Jammpy, Toyota Proace, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit, Renault Trapik, Hyundai I800

How do you do that?

To make your car a portable laboratory, you need to do something simple – to keep your car in different means of your choice, such as modular shelves that can be divided, telescopic drawers in different lengths, from fixed, and more elongated shelves.

The drawers can be removable but automatically locked, so you enjoy two birds with one stone: safety thanks to their success in crushing tests and order and organization.

Automobile packaging, Shimron Technologies

What should I think about?

If you are interested in your work vehicle, you must take into account a number of parameters, such as the size of the vehicle, the volume of your trunk, the necessary equipment, the weight of the vehicle's load, and the limitations of the vehicle both technically and in engineering.

However, among these parameters the volume of the trunk is the most important for one reason–the larger the trunk volume, the more the possibilities for vehicle packaging. But as we said, this is not the only parameter and it is really not the end and there are other parameters to consider.

For example, the work and work procedures to enable more accessibility to the most required tools/equipment, so that they will be at the front of the vehicle while the less required tools/equipment will be in the interior parts of the vehicle.

To summarize

Mid-size car packaging can upgrade your work, both technically and professionally. However, the packaging system must be carefully designed and taken into account different parameters, including the vehicle and those connected to the users of the vehicle.

In fact, the correct design of a medium-sized commercial vehicle enclosure allows customization according to your needs, both in terms of vehicle data, both in terms of work procedures and in terms of the work type. We recommend that you consult this field with intermediate vehicle packaging experts for one reason – to ensure that your car is exactly what you want.

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